$1.5 Million Dollars for brain injury

$1.5 Million Dollars* for 86 year old man who suffered a brain injury

and for his wife who took care of him.

The clients were backseat passengers in an automobile driven by their son-in-law, when he made a left hand turn into a parking lot and was struck by a bus. Our client suffered a skull fracture which caused a brain hemorrhage which required a craniotomy as well as other injuries. Our client maintained that he was left with a significant cognitive impairment that manifested in memory difficulties and confusion. This was disputed by defense counsel who stated that his memory loss and other cognitive problems were the result of dementia and not as a result of the accident. ER records indicated early signs of dementia. However, our neurological expert attributed 90% of the cognitive problems and memory loss to the accident and only 10% to the early onset of dementia. There was a dispute by both parties as to whether or not the driver in which our clients were passengers was in the right or left lane when he was struck by the bus. We had to obtain a traffic reconstruction expert to determine which lane the driver was in. There were numerous depositions of all parties, medical experts, the police officer who came to the scene of the accident and traffic reconstruction experts. This case was further complicated by the fact that clients resided in both New York and Romania and spent considerable time in both places. This case was finally settled through Mediation before a Retired Superior Court Judge.

*Results may vary depending on your particular facts and legal circumstances.