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Workers’ Compensation Law

Have you suffered an injury on the job?  Have you developed a health condition or a disease because of the work you do?  If so, you may be covered for the cost of treatment, lost wages and permanent damage, as regulated by the New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Law.    Many times, people who are injured on the job and have a valid workers' compensation claim do not receive the benefits they are entitled to because they are unaware of their rights.  Here at Gordon & Gordon, we fight for our clients so that they can obtain the full range of workers’ compensation benefits they are entitled  to.   Whether it be an on the job injury due to a specific accident or event while working or, for an injury that has occurred over a period of time while working, such as carpal tunnel syndrome.    Over a period time, some people develop work related illnesses such as hypertension, breathing problems or exposure to toxic chemicals or fumes.  Our highly qualified and experienced team of worker’s compensation attorneys will do everything to help you win your case.

While you are entitled to worker’s compensation benefits provided by your employer, sometimes the insurance companies that provide these benefits are not on your side.   Insurance companies  know that providing benefits hurts their bottom line, and they want to avoid jeopardizing their profits at all costs. That means delaying or denying your benefits. You need a lawyer on your side who knows how insurance companies operate and is willing to take them on. That is why you need the firm of Gordon & Gordon to be on your side.

In some instances, your workplace injury may involve someone other than your employer.  This is called a third party claim and would then involve our personal injury attorneys.   Here at Gordon & Gordon, we combine the expertise of our worker’s compensation attorneys and personal injury attorneys so that we can coordinate both cases together to obtain the best possible result.

Our Workers’ Compensation Department is among the most experienced in the State of New Jersey.  We have successfully represented hundreds of employees in the State of New Jersey for on-the-job injuries.   If you have been injured on-the-job or  have developed a serious health condition that may be due to work conditions, Contact Us today so we can discuss the possibilities of your case and schedule your free initial consultation with an experienced Worker's Compensation attorney.  If you cannot come to our office, we will come to you.

Social Security Disability Benefits


If you have a disability and you need  help applying for Social Security Benefits or your Social Security Disability Claim has been denied, we understand that it can be frustrating.  Calling the firm of Gordon & Gordon is the right move.  We have the experience and skill to lead you through the process associated with Social Security disability following your injury or disability.  We help you obtain the compensation you deserve if you have been injured on the job or have suffered an injury or disease which has affected you ability to work or makes it impossible to perform your everyday daily activities.

If you have been disabled and are having problems with getting benefits, 
Contact Us so we can help!