$932,000 Settlement for automobile Collision

Harrison J. Gordon represented a client who was involved in an automobile collision. The client had sustained injuries that required surgery, which included a cervical discectomy to her neck, and several surgeries to her knee. Throughout the case, the defense attorneys contended that she was barely injured and only sustained minor injuries, as she did not go to the hospital on the day of the accident. Mr. Gordon, through medical evidence, medical reports, discovery and depositions was ultimately able to settle her case through Mediation for an outstanding $800,000.00. *

After the settlement, the client’s insurance company, which was located out of state since the client was residing out of state at the time of the accident claimed that they were entitled to reimbursement for medical benefits and lost wages they paid to the client.

The insurance company hired an attorney to file a lawsuit against the client. Harrison Gordon vigorously defended the client in court, filed legal briefs and argued in court on the client’s behalf. This tremendous victory saved the client $132,000.00* in addition to receiving $800,000.00*, bringing the total benefits to $932,000.00.*

*Results may vary depending on your particular facts and legal circumstances.