$950,000 settlement to a trucker

A $950,000* settlement to a trucker injured in an

accident caused by a driver from another trucking company

An Ohio man involved in a accident on the New Jersey Turnpike while driving for a Parsippany trucking company was awarded a $950,000* settlement by a South Jersey firm.

The client, a former employee of a trucking company, reached a settlement with a Swedesborough trucking company, in a four year old civil suit.

Our client was driving a tractor trailer on the New Jersey Turnpike when the defendant, another truck driver, crashed through the divider and hit him head-on near milepost 58. Our client sustained severe multiple injuries and the defendant died in the accident, which occurred in Hamilton Township, Mercer County.

Over the years, or client had to undergo several operations due to injuries from the accident. It left him with a fractured leg, fractured vertebrae, fractured ribs and post traumatic stress disorder.

Judge Neil Shuster said he was notified that a settlement had been reached out of court.

Gordon said this case litigated to the hilt. There were earlier negotiations but they broke down. This case only settled when defendants were about to face a jury in court.

The defendants contended our client was able to work but Harrison Gordon maintained that our client was left disabled by the accident.

Mr. Gordon said his client was very pleased with the settlement.

This Article appeared in the Star Ledger on May 5, 1993.

*Results may vary depending on your particular facts and legal circumstances.