$3.5 Million to Motorcycle Passenger



Harrison Gordon recently litigated a case for a 17-year-old client who was involved in a motorcycle accident. The client was a passenger on her father’s motorcycle when a vehicle, which had crossed over the double yellow line, struck it at a high rate of speed. It was not initially determined that the other vehicle had crossed the double yellow line. Through the hiring of an accident reconstructionist, this was successfully proven by scientific evidence, deposition testimony, measurements, and intense litigation efforts.

Our client sustained multiple fractures that required several surgical procedures for placement of pins and plates. These surgeries necessitated her being hospitalized where she underwent a rigorous course of rehabilitation, including physical and occupational therapy. She then had to undergo additional surgery to have some of the pins and plates removed.

Harrison retained numerous experts for this case to determine who caused the accident including an accident reconstructionist. In addition, he retained a vocational expert, and an economic expert, as well as medical experts. The parties went through a mediation procedure before a retired Judge of the Superior Court of New Jersey Appellate Division. Mr. Gordon presented demonstrative evidence at the Mediation, which included enlargements of our client’s actual x-rays that were colorized for visual effect to show her extensive injuries as well as to show where all of the pins and plates were placed in her body. Each side presented medical reports and expert reports.

Our experienced paralegal, Darlene Abry, who has been with Gordon & Gordon for many years, assisted not only on the case but also during the Mediation. After several hours of intense negotiations, the case was resolved for $1.5 Million Dollars* which, as a structured settlement, is estimated to pay her in excess of $3.5 Million Dollars* over her lifetime including costs and fees. This was a tremendous victory and recovery for our client. Mr. Gordon was also assisted in the mediation by Zlata Rudikh, Esq.

*Results may vary depending on your particular facts and legal circumstances.