$482,000 in Workers Compensation Benefits

Gordon & Gordon obtains $482,000* in

Workers Compensation Benefits plus continuing lifetime benefits

Steven Schepps, the chairman of Gordon & Gordon’s Workers Compensation and Social Security Departments, recently obtained a lifetime workers compensation award for a worker who was involved in a serious industrial machine accident. The worker’s left arm got pulled under a conveyor belt in a machine which crushed the employees left arm resulting in grievous injuries. The worker had to endure over ten surgeries, skin grafts and psychological counseling as a result of this accident. Due to his injuries, the worker is no longer able to return to gainful employment. When the employer initially refused to pay the worker 100 percent lifetime disability benefits, Steve took this case to trial. After taking the worker’s testimony in court, the employer was forced to pay 100 percent in lifetime benefits to the worker. The worker will receive over $482,000* in medical benefits, 100% in permanent disability benefits, temporary total benefits and continued medical treatment. The worker will also continue to receive additional lifetime disability benefits for as long as he remains disabled.

*Results may vary depending on your particular facts and legal circumstances.