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Environmental Law and Environmental Litigation

At Gordon and Gordon, the protection of our state's residents and their property from corporate polluters is our priority. The Gordon & Gordon law firm is a leader in the area of complex litigation including, but not limited to, representing the victims in the Newark Dioxin case and victims in one of the largest disasters in New Jersey - the floods of 1984.  Our unique experience and dedication to representing environmental issues has led us to be named as Special Co-Counsel for Environmental Litigation by the State of New Jersey.

Environmental Litigation involves claims for injured persons and property damage caused by the discharge of toxins from companies.  As Environmental Litigators, Gordon & Gordon represent from single victims to large numbers of people who have been harmed physically or have sustained damage to their property. The firm has also represented over twenty New Jersey municipalities as Special Litigation Counsel in high profile policy cases including radon, landfills, location of incinerators, commuter train lines and other areas of important public policy and environmental policy.

  • Gordon & Gordon obtained $355.4* Million Dollars for the State of New Jersey
  • Gordon & Gordon hired by the State of New Jersey as Special Counsel for Environmental Litigation. The State of New Jersey, through Governor James E. McGreevey and Attorney General, Peter C. Harvey have hired Gordon & Gordon as Special Environmental Counsel to pursue polluters who have damaged the environment and natural resources of the State of New Jersey.    Click Here (PDF Format)
         *Results may vary depending on your particular facts and legal circumstances.
Gordon & Gordon is a  recognized environmental toxic tort firm who have always been at the forefront of environmental and toxic tort litigation. Our staff of attorneys are dedicated to fighting for workers, homeowners and citizens injured from environmental exposures

Our trial attorneys have decades of experience in investigating, presenting evidence and arguing cases in courts in New Jersey. Our settlements and verdicts have consistently been among the highest in the country in the field of environmental law.

In addition to representing victims of environmental and toxic tort cases, we also are well known across the United States for representing people injured by the wrongdoings of others. In that vein, we have achieved plaintiffs’ verdicts and/or reached records settlements in the following types of case

  • Drinking water contamination:  A $29* million settlement for environmental injury contamination claims. 
  • Environmental Chemical Contamination: A $38.5* million settlement by DuPont to 428 residents of Pompton Lakes. This settlement represents one of the largest toxic tort settlements in the history of New Jersey.  
  • Drug, Cosmetic and Medical Device Injuries
  • Occupational Chemical Exposure
         *Results may vary depending on your particular facts and legal circumstances.                                                                                                                                

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